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The Perfect Diet is??

Is there a diet that suits everyone?

No. Absolutely not. There is no one fit diet. As I keep saying... Food is fuel! Just like cars - we all respond differently to different fuel! Diesel, petrol. Humans it's Carbohydrates, Proteins & Fats!

I love Carb Dense meals. I respond well to Oats and rice and pasta and sweet potato and quinoa etc. I need the energy and my body works optimally when I'm burning as utilising this energy (glycogen).

Others respond better with fat as their main energy provider. They might feel lethargic and heavy when they have porridge in the morning for example and instead try a more fat based start to the day such as peanut butter / sausages / natural yogurt.

How do you know what suits me best!? TRIAL AND ERROR! If you're lacking energy, you're tired, you're fat, you're unwell... Take some time to educate yourself in nutrition. Trial different breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners. Keep a food diary and asses how you respond to different foods! I am happy to assist you. Drop me a line, call me, Facebook me! Get in touch. Use me. I will assist you with helpful information.

Live a healthy happy life and that doesn't mean you can never have a glass of wine and enjoy some chocolate every now and again. We can factor these into your routine. Believe me. You can.

Be clear with what you're trying to achieve. Your goals? What are they? Be specific. From that - you can make some really positive changes in your life.


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