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BSc (hons) Sports Science (2:1 University of Bath)

Sport Coaching Foundation Degree
REPS Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

REPS Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
UKCC Coaching Certificates: 
Cricket: Level 2, Tennis: Level 2, Football: Level 1,

Badminton: Level 1, Golf Level 1.
Emergency First Aid Certified 

10 Years of Experience in Personal Training


Pay as you go = £55 

Block of 10 = £500

Block of 20 = £900


Pay as you go = £60

10 Session Block = £550

20 Session Block = £1000


Pay as you go = £65

10 Session Block = £600

20 Session Block = £1100

Participants: 3-6

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From competing at strong levels in a number of sports combined with my qualifications, I am passionate about sport specific training in a variety of sports. I have studied the biomechanics on the human body in relation to sport and can therefore produce sport specific training programmes to improve your sporting performance. 


I have also competed in half marathons, full marathons, long distance cycling events, assault course events - Tough Mudder, The Major Series etc. So I know what it takes to reach certain levels of fitness. However, I love all aspects of training from post natal clients to amateur bodybuilders. So whatever your goals are, I am confident we can reach them together.

Will's specialist areas: Sport & Event Specific Training & Hypertrophy programming.


As a toddler I used to play football with my brother (who is still better than me) in the back garden. In school I longed for PE lessons. I remember constantly keeping a close eye on the weather in maths and science, praying it wouldn't rain so football / cricket / tennis / golf matches would still be on! I had an extremely competitive, results driven PE teacher and coach at school. 


I am one of 6 children - naturally competing from the get-go. The vast majority of my friends were sporty. So I lived and breathed sport and competition as a youngster and still do today (still quite young at 29). It was seamless and inevitable that as I got older, I became more and more fascinated by the human body, fitness and nutrition – the whole lifestyle. It made perfect sense to become a personal trainer. 


I'm constantly reading up, watching documentaries, reading supplement reviews to learn more – to be as effective as I possibly can as your personal trainer. I am competitive in my nature but a sportsman to the end – win or lose. I have transmitted this positive and competitive energy into my workout's and I want to do the same with you! Achieving and reaching your goals is what my job as a personal trainer is all about. If you fail, I fail. Simples. But as a team – we wont let that happen guaranteed.

I bagged myself a spot at the the University of Bath. Some of the happiest days of my life were spent in Bath and my work ethic was very much a balance of play hard, work hard. 

Coming from a large family has been amazing. We all get on so well and let me tell you, Christmas and Birthdays are unreal! My mum and dad are the most caring and loving people I have ever met. I owe them everything and they have taught me huge amounts about family, 

relationships and how to treat your neighbour. From my upbringing, my Christian beliefs and by constantly surrounding myself with positive people I am definitely a happy and positive person! So it goes without saying that as your PT, I care about you and what we trying to achieve and I will inject this positive energy into our sessions! 

I am hugely sociable and love being around people but parties and late nights would never affect my performance on the sports field. I would never allow it. Although I didn't always enjoy school I got through it but realised I needed some time to understand what I wanted to do with my life.Throughout my gap year I taught key stage 3 English and coached football and netball in a rural primary school in Malawi, Africa. That year taught me a huge amount in a humbling and awakening environment. With time to reflect I grew a sense of the need to achieve.