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Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

Level 2 Fitness Instructing


To book a consultation with Ollie - 

Email -


Pay as you go = £50

Block of 10 = £450

Block of 20 = £800


Pay as you go = £55

10 Session Block = £500

20 Session Block = £900


Pay as you go = £60

10 Session Block = £550

20 Session Block = £1000

Participants: 3-6 

From an early age sport was one of my main focuses in life. Some of my earliest memories are playing cricket with my Grandad in his garden and playing football for hours on end either in my garden or up the local park with my friends. To say I have always been active would be an understatement, I have been playing football and cricket for about 25 years and rugby about 13 years. Alas being so active had it's consequences, when I was 24 I had my first serious injury and I became pretty deflated. I decided that I needed to gain some muscle to help protect my newly damaged shoulder, so contacted Will. This is where my love for the gym took off!


As much as I like training myself in the gym, I have found that I love training others to help improve themselves. To me there is no better feeling than helping someone become who they want to be, whether that is physically or mentally. In order for me to train you to the best of my ability I have to constantly be learning new things, be this by watching Youtube videos, researching different diets, watching fitness shows/documentaries or simply talking to people in the industry. 


My natural competitiveness, drive, team player attitude and willingness for my clients to achieve is what I believe separates me from others. At some point in my life I have trained in all different types of training,  Cardio based, Muscle Growth, Strength (my personal favourite), Power etc. You name it, I've probably done it or some form of it, so adapting to your needs is something I feel very comfortable doing. 


If you ever feel like you're starting to become a bit stagnant in the gym, want to get better at a specific sport or even want to improve your general fitness, please do not feel afraid to get in touch. 


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