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First of all , I never write reviews , I am terrible at admin but after over 18 months of training with Will I felt compelled to write this. As a new dad I wanted to make sure I improved my health in every way .. Will has got me fitter and stronger beyond where I thought personally possible. 
It's a cliche but failure is not an option at HRF and that's because Will's positivity is unbelievably infectious, once you start training you are hooked and you realise very quickly he absolutely LOVES IT ! He lives and breathes it ..No 2 sessions are ever the same, I can honestly say I look toward to every single session even though every single one HURTS ! He has somehow made pain an addiction.
He actually listens to your goals and everything is personalised / customized accordingly .  He stays in contact to keep you interested and motivated , his nutritional planning / advice is sensible and achievable , his weekend Beastcamp is equally intense and addictive . If anyone is reading this and considering signing up .. Do it.​

Neil Jenner, Penshurst, Kent




I met Will at the Nevill golf club over 10 years ago, we played loads of junior golf together. He has always been a very friendly and funny guy so when I heard he became a personal trainer I thought I'd give him a try. The main reason why I was so keen to get involved with HRF is to get fitter, healthier and improve my golf and football. After a few weeks I could already see massive results. Iv been training with Will twice a week for just over a year and I'm in a much better place. Iv picked up 25 yards in my golf, my football has improved massively due to fitness, Iv gone from 25% body fat to 11%, Iv got more confidence and I'm much happier and healthier. No matter what you want from training with Will, he is more than happy to help you with your goals. So if you want to get fitter, stronger, happier and healthier Will is the man for you.

George Archer, Tunbridge Wells, Kent




Who to call? From Day 1 Will took this on and did all he could to bring this ageing body to a place where it has now completed 800 miles in 7 and a bit days. I don't care what happens now, I know I can make it home and that is because of ​Will's will to make it doable. Helicopters are brilliant machines. That massive rotor doing all the lifting. But without that little one at the back the machine would just spin round in circles. And while Will ensured the whole body was ready, the very best exercise was the squats and all their horrible variants - because 90% of the time those great pistons we call legs were not simply providing power, but keeping me hovering just off the saddle! Will, you don't need my endorsement, success surrounds you. But you have my eternal respect and thanks. See you for a gentle session v soon! We all only as good as our teachers, in whatever guise. 

Martin Barraud, Penshurst, Kent




Professionally Buoyant.

Dr Josephine Meade, Northallerton, Yorkshire




I first signed up for weekly sessions with Will in in the summer last year, I was significantly overweight and completely unfit.  Will was very encouraging, completely non-judgemental and he made me feel instantly at ease.  I have now lost nearly 5st and thanks to my fitness levels I am able to regularly run 5k to enable me to maintain this weight loss. 

I cannot recommend Will highly enough as both an outstanding and dedicated trainer but also for his ability to target your personal goals and translate them into a programme that works for you. Will has helped me to keep motivated every week but most importantly training with him is fun.  We always have a laugh an
d he loves a high five.  I am very grateful to Will for all that he has helped me to achieve so far.​

Emma Scott, Hever, Kent




I went to Will after seeing what he had done for others. It was the best decision I ever made in regards to my weight, health & fitness. Even when my motivation is at its lowest point and I feel I cannot be bothered, Will changes that the instant I step foot in the gym. By the time my hour is up I am feeling great. Exhausted – but great.  He learns very quickly what you are capable of and pushes you that little bit further. If I were doing this alone I would never have got where I am now.  Will is unfalteringly positive and upbeat; he gives 100% every time. I initially signed up for 20 sessions and I am still here 9 months later with no intention of quitting! 

Fee Ellis, P​​​​​​enshurst, Kent 



On the 29th December 2014 I first met Will Holme at HRF. I weighed in at 15st 6lb. I had 28% body fat and I was getting bigger. My clothes were shrinking, seriously, they were shrinking!! Never in my life was I going to be ready for my challenge. Or so I thought... I've literally just finished what I call Phase One, I've lost just shy of two stone, I'm now 13st 9lb. My body fat percentage is 10% lower than when I started and I've lost six inches from my waist.... Whilst this hasn't been easy, it's not been that hard either. 

To summarise, Will is a top bloke. Not only that, he is knowledgeable. He won't pussy foot around you, he will work you hard. If you listen to what he says, do as he says, you WILL transform. After all, what have you got to lose? He is one of the most motivational people I have ever met. Not only that, he is able to squeeze every last drop of effort out of you, even when you think there is nothing left in the tank. Most of all, you will enjoy your sessions, you will leave with a great sense of achievement and this truly spurs you on to continue in your own time, until your next session.
So enjoyable has this been, I've just signed up for another 20 sessions!! I can't wait for phase two.

Mark Hurst, Fordcombe, Kent



Will Holme is a fantastic motivator in the gym.  Whatever you think you can achieve on your own, you will more than double it with Will alongside you.  I’ve had 15 gym sessions with Will over the last 4 months – plus great sports massages in between from Mel Porter.  I’m now probably fitter and stronger at 44 than I was in my 20s!  Will somehow manages to convince you that you have something left when you feel utterly spent.  It’s that ability to get that the 15% of effort from you that gives you a genuine sense of achievement and progression.  It’s an incredibly efficient way to  exercise if you have a busy lifestyle.  I’d say it’s the probably the most productive hour of my whole week!

Tristan Rice, Chiddingstone, Kent



I began to see Will on the recommendation of a colleague at work. I was always put off going to a public gym to try and get fitter because I thought all those younger fitter guys would make me feel insecure. From the first meet Will put me totally at ease and took our sessions slowly and easily for me building all the time until I was amazing myself at how hard I was working out. Bottom line is I had 12 one hour long sessions and lost 12 kilos in weight, toned up and felt utterly amazing and pumped up every time I left the gym. Having it totally to ourselves is great too. I am now seeing Will 3 times a week for a series of sessions, shorter bursts of muscle build and toning exercises and all I can say is to anyone who, like me, was scared of gyms before……………. then go for it. It will be the best move you will ever make.

Jerry Warran-Smith, Tunbridge Wells, Kent



HRF has completely exceeded my expectations for both professionalism and personal enjoyment.  For the last 10 years I had little motivation for the gym, however weekly personal training sessions with HRF has not only re-ignited my interest in fitness but also given me a geniune desire to improve my health and general conditioning.  Each and every session is interesting, informative, varied but most of all fun and having the gym to ourselves creates a relaxed atmosphere.  In addition to the 1 to 1 sessions, the continuous motivation throughout the week certainly helps me to maintain focus on the goals set and for me this added personal touch is a valued bonus, one which is absent from other mainstream gyms.

Chris Young-Wootton, Eridge, Kent



Will is an excellent Personal Trainer, not just because he is very great with training me but with his always positive attitude, he always makes you feel good about yourself after working hard and always gives high 5's and hand shakes, when he says hello, well done and goodbye, overall I think Will is amazing at what he does. I feel safe while working with the equipmet because Will is always watching me and making sure I'm performing each exercise correctly.

Sam Hunt, Penshurst, Kent



Once I turned 40, I decided to lose some weight, get some muscle mass back and generally get fitter. Will at Holme Run Fitness, created a bespoke diet and fitness programme for me to follow, along with one personal training session a week in his gym. Will is a great motivator in the gym and stays in contact throughout the week to keep you on track with your training and healthy eating. 3 months later I've nearly lost 2 stone, feel much fitter and the muscle definition is definitely getting there.

Thanks Will!

Richard Fung-On, Tunbridge Wells, Kent



Will trained me and my boyfriend twice a week over 2 months. Our fitness levels have increased dramatically and we feel stronger and healthier. My boyfriend lost around 2 stone and Will helped me to overcome my irrational fear of running! Will's passion and enthusiasm is so motivational and we finished every session feeling very proud of ourselves, seeing improved results on each occasion. Boom!

Kate Dixon, Hartfield, Kent




Having known Will for just over 2 years, my immediate thoughts of him was his hunger and willingness for success! His personality and characteristics definitely ​contribute towards his passion for health and fitness. He is very confidant and a good role model for a fitness personality in terms of his image and knowledge. You will have a lot of fun and see results with Will. I did and still do.

Krish Mangaroo, Epsom, Surrey

f your aim is to be fitter and stronger in mind and body, to mix with a great group of people, challenge yourself, have fun and work hard all in  superb countryside, with an amazing Coach, Holme Run Fitness is the place to be.  Come and join us. I love it. 

Bev Robinson, Bidborough, Kent


At 49 I am fitter, stronger,  healthier and more energetic than I have ever been and that is purely down to Holme Run Fitness.
Holme Run Fitness isn't about 'joining a gym' and 'going to class', it feels like being welcomed into a brilliant, eclectic, happy and supportive family and Will Holme is at the heart of that. 
Will's genuine interest in every client, his enthusiasm, creativity, sense of fun and unflinching desire to help is infectious. I have been an HRFer for five years and in that time I have never known Will to have an off day. Come rain, shine, snow, be it 6 in the morning or 7 on a Friday evening, Will delivers training with unstinting enthusiasm and flair, like it's his only class or training session of the day. Will's utter belief in every member of HRF never falters and yields fantastic results. I am about to run my second marathon in a year, I have never felt as energised, fit and strong and that is all down to Will and Holme Run Fitness.'

Sally Pelling, Chiddingstone, Kent


Will is an inspiration.  My husband and I have both had private sessions for many years and he is always on top form, encouraging, bright with a cheerful disposition.  His experience is evident as his lessons are imaginative, innovative and intense - I have never done the same session!  He is a very caring and thoughtful person and as a result brings the best out in people.  I feel fortunate to have found a personal trainer with such a personal touch.

Elaine Greenshields, Speldhurst, Kent


I would not say that I am someone who enjoys exercise” was my mantra before I started seeing Will. I tried a large local health club, tried spin, tried running, hated them all & did not really see any results.  Will has had a job with me, but he has succeeded!  He never let my lack of enthusiasm or unwillingness to try new form of exercise distract him from getting me fit and thoroughly enjoying it.  His whole attitude is fantastic, he is always so happy and positive. He cares about my goals, listens and watches so that he can tailor my sessions.  His positivity is an inspiration especially on those days when you don’t really want to go.  If you are thinking about doing some exercise after children, or want a change from your current gym, go and see him, it will be worth it 100%

Zoe Rice, Chiddingstone, Kent 




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