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Don't Fight The Cellulite

I hate my cellulite! If I've got cellulite - I'm fat and unhealthy right?

W R O N G .

Cellulite is genetic and does NOT mean you're unhealthy. I know extremely fit friends and clients who have visible cellulite... Many of which have healthy body fat percentages, workout frequently and enjoy a healthy balanced diet.. but still have cellulite. Conversely - there are many overweight men and women out there who don't have any visible cellulite. It's simply your genetics - don't let it bother you. Cellulite itself will not hold you back one bit but your mind can - so accept it my friends.

We're all made a little differently. Cellulite is not a reflection of how healthy you are. Far from it. All it is, is connective tissue within the skin. It's not an overflow of lard that you might think...

In short - Forget about it! No exercise, diet, pill or cream will get rid of your cellulite. Love yourself and be the best you can be! Set testing but SMART goals and enjoy the journey ahead with or without cellulite.

Will Holme


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