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Interactive: All exercises come with video demonstrations and audio 

Appropriate environment: Garden / Park / Gym / Living room


Training frequency: 3 sessions per week

Session duration: 40 mins approx


Diet Plan: Tailored to your goals


Equipment: None


My whole ethos and instillment is Functional Fitness. What I mean by functional fitness is the all round package. A strong, faster, leaner YOU! This programme is designed to shred fat while strengthening your entire body including your core muscles, legs, back, shoulders and chest. I want you to get into the shape of your life and with this progressive programme tailored to your goals, you can! Get ready for some high intensity workouts that strengthen and condition your entire body from top to bottom, getting your heart rate pumping. Bring it on… 


Your diet plan will be specific to you. Make sure you list any allergies or foods you really don’t like in the ‘Your Information’ section below. Once I receive your information i will get to work on your balanced diet plan! I will give you a specific daily calorie amount. I don't want anyone to get bogged down in obsessive calorie counting BUT you must understand the concept of energy balance. What’s going in and out of your body. In this programme you will be in a 10% calorie deficit. That means you’ll be consuming 10% less than what you’ll be burning. We’re all about balance and a healthy balanced lifestyle at Holme Run Fitness. No fads, no short cuts. If you stick to the formula of this proven programme, you’ll see and feel amazing results. Game on! Please fill out the 'Your Details' to receive your Functional Fitness Defined Programme.

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