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Bye Bye Blubber.

Right. The time has come: the blubber is to be shed. I’ve put a stone on over the last few months and if I keep going at this rate then they’ll have to introduce a new label for those who move beyond ‘very obese’ in the chart below.

It’s not so much that I don’t like looking overweight, my motivation is more that I don’t like feeling overweight. I love my exercise, but of late I’m finding it harder and harder to achieve what I used to be able to. I could run my usual 7km and feel good, but now I feel like I’m heaving a ten tonne weight around with me. It’s noticeably harder to exercise. And that’s what I don’t like. My extra weight doesn’t make me feel good or healthy.

But what’s going in, is healthy. I eat really well. I’m very conscious of eating my 7 a day, not eating (too much!) junk, only eating fresh food…blah blah blah. Where I go wrong though, is thinking that because it’s healthy food, I can have as much of it as I like.

I also fall into the trap of thinking that because I’ve exercised, I can eat what I like. WRONG. A PT session doesn’t justify a massive fridge session.

So, I’m going to work with Will over the next few months and get his input on how to approach my weight loss goal: 1 stone in 3 months. Just over a pound a week, which is a safe and sustainable rate. What’s more, it takes 12 weeks on average to form new habits, so I’m hoping that doing this over 3 months will help me learn how to do things differently, permanently, so that I can keep the weight off.

Feel free to join me on my journey - just read about what I’m up to and offer the odd bit of support (!), or do it with me. I’d love a partner in crime...

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